Date of birth:
Kevin Staut

Competitions and results

Latest results

Mijas CSI 2* 145 class 8th place, 145 class 9th place.


Geneva CSI 5* 145 7th place, 145 8th place, 140 4th place.

Deauville CSI 2* 140 1st place.

Arezzo CSIO San Marino, 140 2nd place, 140 1st place, GP 150\160 17th place.

Arezzo European Championship Young Riders, 12th place.

Arezzo CSIO YR, Nations Cup 2nd place, GP 150 4th place, 140 1st and 4th place, 135 3rd place.

St. Gallen CSIO5*, 140 2nd and 10th place, 145 3rd place.

Linz CSI u25,  135 2nd place, 140 1st place, 145 1st place.
Linz CSIO3*, 145 6th place.


Dreams and thoughts

The Riders Academy project covers in my opinion the two most important aspects of riding
sport. It combines the practical exercise of horse and rider with the most relevant other
fields related to equestrian. It also forms a platform for social encounter and for cultural
exchange between the riders from various European nations.
My most exciting experience when participating in international competitions is always
meeting and coming together with other riders who are dedicated with the same passion
and vocation as I am, but who come from other nations and have a different social and cultural
origin and background.
The opportunity to share daily training and studies with the participants from other cultures and
nations and bonding new friendships with them is another aspect why I am so interested in
this project.
Be a part of the young rider academy is an honour  and I'm very proud and thankful that you give me the opportunity to improve myself by joining the group.  I'm looking forward to the next education program and I'm very excited to meet and train with Kevin Staut!
My short term dreams are, of course, good results at the European Championships, individual and team.