Date of birth:
Gerco, Ben, Wim Schroder

Competitions and results

Goteborg CSI 5*-W GP 10th place, 150 class 6th place

Geneva CSI 5* LR 155 11th place

Stuttgart CSI 5* LR 145 11 th place

Odense CSI 3* LR 145 9th place

Oslo CSI 5* 145 class 8th place

Kristiansand  CSI U25 GP 5th place

Millstreet EU YR, second individual qualifying 1st place

Valkenswaard CSIY GP 10th place

Ypäjä CSIOY GP 3rd place, Nations Cup 1st place

Dreams and thoughts

Yong Riders academy offers me the knowledge to become a better athlete. In order to get to the top of the sport I need to be more then just a rider, this is why the educational part is so important. The educational part gives me knowledge in economics, how to behave in media, learning about «clean sport» and so much more.

This year I have high expectations from my self, one is to travel home from the europeans in Milstreet with a medal.