Date of birth:
Franke Sloothaak

Competitions and results

Paderborn CSI 3* 150 LR 9th place

Münster CSI 4* 155 LR 3rd place, 140 class 7th place

Allersehl CSI 3* GP 2nd place

Verden CSI 2* 145 LR 3rd place, 140 class 2nd place

Aachen CSIO 5* 145 class 8th place,145 class 5th place, 150 class 8th place, 150 class 11th place

Knokke Hippique CSI 2* GP 1st place


Dreams and thoughts

I'm very proud to be part of the Young Riders Academy. It's a fantastic program combining training in a professional stable with educational sessions. I was already selected last year, but in August 2015 I had to study one semestre abroad in Argentina. Luckily, the YRA gave me the opportunity to be part of the full program 2016 again. I really appreciate that.
I started training with Franke Sloothaak. I've learned a lot so far and I try to learn as much as I can in the next months. It's a great chance to train with him.

With the YRA program, I also hope to expand my knowledge concerning everything I have to know about the equestrian sport, for example public speaking or veterinarian issues.
One of my dreams came already true. The YRA and Frank Kempermann made it possible that I can ride at the CHIO Aachen this year. It's just amazing! I already rode there last year, I was 2nd in "Preis der Aachener Soeurs". I can't wait to go there this year again and I' ll try my best to bring some good rankings home.