Date of birth:
United Kingdom

Competitions and results

Oliva CSI 2* GP 7th place

Verbier CSI 3* 145 LR class 4th place

Roosendaal CSI 2* 145 LR class 3rd and 6th place

Zuidwolde CSI 2* 145 class 2nd and 5th place

Twente Geesteren CSI 2* GP 1st place

Dreams and thoughts

My plan for the coming year is to work my way back into the top 250 in the world rankings and get into 4* and 5* shows again. I would also like to get my younger horses going to more international shows next year, as they will be 6 year olds then.

My hope for the Young Riders Academy is that it will help me learn to better manage myself and my business, as well as help me form a greater team of my staff and my family members who help support me.