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Dreams and thoughts

In short term, within a year, I would like to find two horses from an owner(s) or a sponsor. I will keep working for Paul for exemple and have two horses to secure myself to take part of 3 to 5* shows. I would like to start looking for those two horses now and exploit the Academy to help me.

I also would like to ride in CSIO Rome next year. The Piazza di Siena is probably the most beautiful place to show in the world. Also I am in love with the city of Rome! That, for sure, would be my main goal. 

In middle term, within 5 years, I would like to have my own business. Run a 10 boxes stable, 8 horses from owners/sponsors/clients and 2 horses on my own. To be able to have enough GP horses to be well placed in the ranking so I could pretend to go to 5* shows at least twice a month.

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