Date of birth:
Schroeder brothers

Competitions and results

December 2017:

What a win in Poznan, Okarino spotted a 1st place among an amazed public !

October 2017:

A good third place riding Torpedo des Forets in Kronenberg CSI 2* 140 class.

August\ September 2017:

Csi 3* in Ciekocinko with a nice third place in 145 class riding my Okarino, Centroplast Dinar scored twice a second place in the 140 and several good placements for all young horses.


Dreams and thoughts

Hi, I’m really excited to be a part of YRA this year. I cannot wait for next education session. I think it is a perfect opportunity to improve our knowledge and riding skills.

This year I just stepped to young riders category so I would like to gain  more experience in big classes. I’m also working hard for Europeans Championships this summer.

The main goal of my life is to become a professional rider, to win big classes in the world and to manage, one day, my stable.