Date of birth:
Marcus Ehning

Competitions and results

Latest results

'S-Hertogenbosch CSI 5* 150 class 7th place, 140 class 3rd place.

Dortmund CSI 3* 155 class 1st place, 145 class 6th place.

Bordeaux CSI 5* L.World Cup Grand Prix 160 1st place.

Zurich CSI 5* L.World Cup Grand Prix 160 2nd place.

Basel CSI 5* 150 5th place.


London CSI 5* 150 1st and 2nd place, masters 170 1st place,L.World Cup Grand Prix 160 7th place.

Geneva CSI 5* 145 1st place, 155 4th place.

Stuttgart CSI 5* 150 3rd place.

Verona CSI 5* 150 1st place, L.World Cup Grand Prix 160 1st place.

Birmingham CSI 3* 160 5th place.

Lausanne CSI 5* 150 5th place.

Caen WEG 160 final 7th place.

Dublin CSIO 5* 160 Grand Prix 1st place.
Hickstead CSIO 5* 160 Grand Prix 2nd place.
Lummen CSIO 5* 160 Grand Prix 1st place, 160 nations cup 3rd place. 
Rotterdam CSI5* 160 Grand Prix 4th place. 
Shanghai CSI5* 160 Grand Prix 7th place.
Redefin CSI2* 145 1st place, 145 1st place.

Dreams and thoughts

I am eighteen years of age living away from my family in Germany because I want to become a top show jumping rider. I am privileged to train with Marcus Ehning, prior to Marcus I trained with Billy Twomey and during my very successful pony career I trained with Captain Con Power. My family background in horses is from the racing side. I have been riding and jumping ponies since I was eight years old.  In 2011 I moved to Germany and began my horse career.  I now have a nice string of horses and some very exciting young horses too.  My goal is to become the best Show jumper I can be and to be a successful producer of young horses. This programme is exciting for me as it involves a selection of people with an amazing knowledge of our sport and with who I would feel privilege to work.

My current ambition is to be selected for the World Equestrian Games!