A typical GP day for Guido and his horse

The GP is the most important class on a show.

( pic.Guido in training with Jos Lansink)

"During the previous days I try to work  my horse at best , he might jump one or two classes before the GP.

On that day I mostly work on flat in the morning when the arena is quiet. I ride him no longer than 30 minutes to keep him fresh for the class later in the day.

With my trainer, we decide how to fill the gap between flat work and GP , depending on time schedule. On most shows the starting order is already out in the morning consequently I schedule when I need to be ready.

We will feed him well in advance approximately 2 hours before I get on him. I will mostly walk the course a couple of  times to be really sure about distances and jumps. I regularly talk to other riders about the course and obviously with my trainer, as he knows  the horse best, and we make the competition plan.

When we prepare him r for the class, we try not to be in a rush as this can make him already nervous even before the game starts. To have enough time to walk him to warm up his muscles I get on the saddle 13-15 horses before my turn in the arena. During warm up I do not jump lot, four to five verticals before moving to oxers. I typically finish with a high vertical, but this action depends on situation and horse. I like to be ready one or two riders before my turn in the ring so my horse can calm down a bit, meanwhile I mentally ride the course".

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