On a training day with Marco Kutscher, by Michael G

I typically drive over to Marco Kutcher’s yard with 2 horses, it is only ten minutes away from me and it happens, pretty much, once a week.

Once I arrive I don’t want to waste any of  his valuable time and I get the first horse ready straight away.  Marco is a very busy man, nevertheless he gives you all his attention and support while there.  

Once I enter in the arena we talk about the horse and maybe watch a show video or a course. At that point I ride and Marco helps me during the entire time. It often happens that Marco also sits on the horse to get a feeling and it is truly amazing to watch one of the best riders in the world working our horses. At the end of the training we discuss about what we can improve further and what I need to work on at home. Then we go on with exactly the same approach with next horse.

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