Marco Kutscher definitely is an outstanding professional trainer Andrzej commented

I have spent several weeks at Kutscher's stable and I came home with an amazing suitcase of experience.

My typical day started at 7am, with my alarm clock ( little lazy?…maybe). At eight I was sitting on my first horse and Marco was waiting for me in the arena. I had four horses to ride so it took us more than a half day of work.

Every horse has a personality and Marco knows exactly how to manage them differently. The greatest result we accomplished it has been, indeed, the ad hoc work, on both flat and jumps, Marco elaborated for us. Moreover, what I really appreciated was the fact that Marco was not only explaining me what to do but also the whys. He can really go beyond to give you tools to use for your future. And… never forget the bright side of dressage J

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