The Selection in Redefin commented by Sven Holmberg

During the CSI 3* in Redefin we observed and interviewed another 16 riders for 2018 YRA team. Probably the very best group we have had so far with riders from Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Hungary and Russia.

Selection panel was formed by Emile Hendrix, Dirk Demeersman and Marco Kutscher and during interviews also Breido graf zu Rantzau and Eleonora Ottaviani joined the team. 

As Emile said, “There is not a single bad rider any longer, if not very good they are extremely good!

Al candidates were judged during the Medium tour on 140 and 145 classes and most of them also started a horse in the Big Tour giving us all a couple of extra chances to get a confirmation of the first impression.

We will have a real hard job to compare with what we saw in Arezzo and to find the team for 2018 to add to our family. I think we need a week or two in order to come up with the final decision.

Bettina and Paul Schockemoehle and the whole staff of Redefin made it a pleasant stay for our riders and ourselves. We are really grateful to all of them as always.

Sven Holmberg

Sport Manager

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